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A Third Life Crisis

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Outside Lands 2017: Highs, Lows and Huhs?

We finally got back from Outside Lands yesterday morning, and I just spent the day at Hungover-And-Sleep-Deprived-At-Work Lands! It was totally worth it though, because we had so much fun! Check out some of the highs and lows from our music and wine-filled weekend:

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7 Ways to Adult the F**k Out of a Music Festival – The 30-Something’s Survival Guide

Here’s another reason why being an adult f**king sucks. We still love everything about music festivals – the music, the dancing, the booze, the parties – but we no longer have the stamina or the cool factor of our uber-hip-Instafabulous-20-something counterparts.

Coachella may have ended months ago, but don’t hang up your flower crowns and Indian headdresses quite yet! Even though that disaster in the desert is over, festival season is still in very much in full swing with different events happening just about every weekend through the end of the year.

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How My 6 Day Travel Fitness Challenge Went Horribly Right

Vacations are time for relaxing at the beach or exploring a new city. They’re also a time for drinking like a fish and eating rich, decadent food that we wouldn’t normally eat at home.

Staying healthy on a trip can be difficult because vacation food is so damn tasty, and traveling can interfere with our daily routines, including our workout and healthy eating habits. Some are of the mindset that vacations are just a bunch of cheat days strung together in a row, which is perfectly fine. But for me, I try to maintain some semblance of a balance between eating all of that delicious food and trying to stay healthy.

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Are Our 30’s the Golden Age of Travel?

We just arrived in Maui for our annual pilgrimage, and it got me thinking about how different my traveling experience has been over the last few years compared to what it was when I was in my 20’s. Here are some of the ways travel has improved for me over the last decade:

Pack all the things!

I used to be all about packing light when I was younger. It was so easy to throw a bunch of crap in a bag, sling it over my shoulder, and hop on a plane.

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The Five (But Really Four) Stages of Food Grief

Anyone who knows me knows that I have some serious food issues. Like no joke, I should see a therapist. I think about food ALL THE TIME. I go to bed thinking about what I am going to eat for breakfast the next morning, and the only thing that gets me through the week is thinking about all of the wonderful restaurants I want to try. I literally fantasize about the grilled cheese truck while I’m working out with my trainer.

At least once a day, I find myself wondering “Why did I just eat that [cookie/cupcake/block of cheese/French Toast/ice cream, etc.]? Why. Did. I. Just Eat. That!? The feeling usually hits me when I am halfway through whatever tasty treat or delectable delicacy that I shouldn’t be eating.

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