5 Easy Tricks for Making Your Summer Travel Less Stressful (Hint: Wine is NOT on the List)

Summer is here, which means vacation season is officially upon us!

When I was in my 20’s, prepping for a vacation meant throwing a bunch of crap in a bag twenty minutes before I left for the airport. If I forgot something, meh! No biggie. Life was so much easier back then…

Now that I am in my 30’s (i.e., now that I have developed a general anxiety about EVERYTHING), the thought of even one night away from home stresses me the hell out. In addition to tried-and-true favorites like Xanax and/or a bottle of wine, over the years I have also found a few less-mind-altering tricks to help stay organized and relatively stress-free while traveling:

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Am I Having A Third Life Crisis? Part Deux

Being an adult f**king sucks sometimes. 

Sure, you can eat ice cream for dinner and stay up late, but can you really? Staying up late in your 20’s usually meant you were doing something totally AWESOME and insta-worthy (to add some depressing context and remind us just how old we are, Instagram didn’t even exist until I was 28). 

Now, staying up past – let’s be honest – 9pm, means that I’ll be too tired go to the gym the next morning (*shudder*) and my entire next day will consist of yelling at everyone, mainlining espresso and cursing myself for binge-ing Game of Thrones the night before.(That actually sounds a lot like me even when I have had a good night’s sleep, but I digress…)

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Am I Having A Third Life Crisis?

You probably landed on this page by accident, and if, by some miracle, you are still here and actually reading this post, you’re probably wondering what the hell a “Third Life Crisis” is. Here is the short answer: a “Third Life Crisis” [(thərd /līf/krī-səs), noun] is what happens during the confusing decade between your quarter-life crisis and your mid-life crisis. 

It’s not a Quarter-Life Crisis…

Quarter life crises usually strike around college graduation, when bright-eyed, bushy-tailed twenty-somethings realize that it’s time to make it on their own in the real world. For many, it’s the first time they will have a real job, pay rent and do their own laundry (*shudder*) and it’s scary as f**k. They feel uncertain and scared at the prospect of having to choose a career and become truly independent for the first time in their lives.

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